TRA Bahrain - TRA Connect App

Telecom Regulatory Authority of Bahrain was about to launch its very own speed test app called TRA Connect. Just like other speed test platforms, the TRA Connect app can be used to test the internet speed of certain telecom but more comprehensive. It also has other features such as each telecom’s performance in certain coverage areas, usage trend and more. 

The task was to create a campaign that will generate awareness. The challenge was to show performance differences of the 3 competing telecoms without specifically naming them... at the same time feature different areas of the country. 

So, we thought that the best way to show performance was to show the telcos performing… but not name them, instead used mobile phones to represent them. This way we can show the speed test app and different locations at the same time. 

Launched: November 2020 

Agency : Sevenbrands Bahrain

While Phase 1 focuses on the performance of telcos in different area, Phase 2 focuses on the internet usage that consumes higher amount of data.

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